Sketch Design Concepts

Sketch design imagery establishes the general scope, conceptual design, scale and relationships among the components of the project.  The primary objective is to arrive at a clearly defined, feasible concept while exploring the most promising alternative design solutions leading to the next phase where we expand upon the approved schematic studies to develop more detailed drawings illustrating additional aspects of the proposed design.  Here are some examples.



Carousel color2kCarousel Sketch



Market Standsai




Rustic Hill Country Concept



japan_coaster2kA pencil sketch concept of a retail amusement project.


View 2smA festival plaza sketch concept.


omaha1Hospitality Design Sketch 1



omaha3Hospitality Design Sketch 2


omaha2Hospitality Design Sketch 3


BallparkcorridorSports Venue Sketch



Food Court Concept Sketch-euro

Food Court Design Sketch


station concept1

station concept2

station concept3

station concept4Chair Lift Concept Sketches


DW_Racing Experience_2kF.E.C. Racing Concept Design


ProjBlue_int2kEntertainment Sports Complex Concept


WBC entry_121814_sm

WBC long bar_121814_2kHawaiian Themed Restaurant Concept


kin_interiorview_entry2kRestaurant View Design Sketch


Atlantis_phase3_Resort Design Sketch


Mexican Shops PlazaMexican Festival Mall Concept


Rendering2-2kEntry Marque Design


Marketplace conceptTheme Park Concept


CRica pool view_150Resort Pool and Bar Area


foch alley rest-retail2kFestival Restaurant Concept


Resortconcept_entry2kResort Entry Sketch


entry_c copy2_smResort Entry Sketch Concept


UAG_street_2kEntertainment Restaurant Venue Concept


MVCR_hillcountryretailRustic Hill Country Themed Retail Center


11 x 17 Horizontal Titleblock - Design VersionEntertainment Mixed Use Concept Art