Gunfighters at Six Flags Over Texas

A friend introduced me to a Facebook page, The History of Six Flags Over Texas. First photo was of gunfighters back in the day. Hard to distinguish the fighters, so I asked Vic Donovan if one of these guys was him. Nope, but he sent me two great pictures of him as a gunfighter at Six Flags. Vic was my first gunfighter friend and has remained to this day. Vic and Bob together had you laughing until you cried, with their amusement park stories. He and one of his gunfight stories was my second column, “Reflections on Fun” in Amusement Today magazine. And he has a whole bunch more. Thanks Victor for a lifetime of great friendship.

Six Flags Over Texas Skeeball Palace

Bob Minick designed the Skeeball Palace at Six Flags Over Texas I believe in 1974 or 5? Also ran the games along with Good Time’s Square which he also designed earlier. I think the Palace had 50 lanes. Bob loved it when every lane was operating. Music to his ears. Wish I had more pictures, this one from the FB page History of Six Flags.