Our new client


Taylor Talley, Showman Royalty, is ready to soar.  She called today to explain her new venture with one great idea after the other.  We are honored The Princess of the Midway chose Minick Associates to help her dream become a reality.  Stay tuned for the great adventures of this Rising Star.




Rescued at the IAAPA Trade Show

IMG_2402.jpgIMG_2403.jpgI don’t know why these idiots were shooting at this little orange guy, at the IAAPA Trade Show.  Took a baseball bat to the shooters, rescued Orange Square Child. He’s a little strange, but wouldn’t you be with shooters after you?

Rich Poling and Hardy Haberman are trying to convince me Little Orange Guy should live in their offices for creative inspiration.  Well, I’m the one who rescued him.  I’ll take the creative inspiration, thank you, but of course share him.              And Little Orange Guy is a sweetie.

You never know who you’ll meet and rescue at these IAAPA shows.

News and notes on the 2018 IAAPA trade show

Rich Poling, Hardy Haberman and I attended the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions trade show November 12 through 16, 2018.  For years we traveled from city to city, but now and I guess forever – Orlando, FL.

William L. Haralson, renowned Economic Feasibility Guru invited us to share his booth.  Minick Associates and Haralson Associates have collaborated on jobs for years.  He begins the project and we take it through to the end.  A great collaboration for more years than I can remember.  Thank you, Bill and Marsha, for continuing the collaboration.