Six Flags Over Texas 50 cent key ring

I don’t know if this key chain is from J.R. Minick Sr.’s souvenir collection or J.R. Minick Jr.’s collection. But at 50 cents it’s an old one. Wonder which shop it came from? Wonder what year or yeas it was in the shops. S & H Green Stamps are one of those items you have to talk about with a person of a certain age. Also wonder if this was an item in Skeet Richards Trading Post. Maybe someone knows?

Whatever the story, we know it wasn’t and isn’t guarding anything, but tomorrow’s another day.

Pitch Game

Remember dimes?

Remember throwing dimes?

Remember aiming the dimes into the center of a Lucky Strike target?

Remember you could throw dimes from four sides because the game is a Center Joint?

Remember the big glass goblets the game operator put over the dime and target because the dime was so close to being in or out of the target?

Remember the soft sweeper broom used to sweep all the dimes into the surrounding trough?

Remember the thrill of the win – because the prizes are very large stuffed animals.

Yes, the below target is for The Dime Pitch Game.

Great game. Great memories.

Might be coming to a great attraction soon.