The Team

Rich Poling – Owner

Rich has been involved in the amusement industry for over thirty years; working as the Director of Design for Minick Associates producing conceptual designs, renderings, graphics as well as design development drawings for hundreds of projects. Rich has provided amusement management services including set up, training and ongoing operational management. Projects include Whimsy in Hong Kong, Magic Land in Singapore, and Formosa Wonderland in Taiwan among others.
Rich has also provided design services for sports facilities, hospitality/resorts, restaurants and retail; working with such well known architectural firms as BOKA Powell, RTKL, HKS, Womack Hampton Architects, Hodges Associates and Ascension Group Architects, etc.
Rich Poling joined Minick Associates in the summer of 1988 and now his creative designs and management skills spearhead the future of the company.

Lottie Minick – Co-Owner 


Lottie began her career in the amusement park industry at Six Flags Over Texas, where she met Bob Minick. After marrying, the pair traveled the world designing and managing many amusement parks. After opening their own design firm, Lottie managed the day to day affairs of the office.
In the early 2000’s, Lottie curated an outdoor sculpture show with thirty artists at the State Fair of Texas which continues each year.

Hardy Haberman – V.P Creative Consultant

Since his first walk down the State Fair Midway in 1954, Hardy has had a lifelong affinity for the amusement industry.  His work with Paul Osborne & Associates in the 1970’s brought new innovations to show production in the theme park business, and his consultancy with Minick Associates dates from that time.  Since then he honed his skills as a writer, filmmaker, and as a marketing specialist with several Fortune 500 companies. His skills at presentations and intuition into human behavior give him a unique insight into the amusement business.
Hardy’s documentary film, “The Big Fair, Inside the Great State Fair of Texas” is distributed by International Film Network and is available on Amazon.
 Since the late 1970’s Hardy Haberman has consulted and collaborated with Minick Associates on a variety of projects both international and domestic.

J.R. (Bob) Minick – Chairman Emeritus 


Founder of Minick Associates, Bob started in the amusement industry as a high school student working at Disneyland.  He then spent the next 20 years designing and managing parks such as Six Flags, Legend City, Pirates World, Magic Mountain, Great Adventure and many others. Bob went on to found Minick Associates in 1983, providing planning and design services to the entertainment industry worldwide.

The firm has worked with Disney Development, Universal Studios, Six Flags, The State Fair of Texas, Sea World, Sega’s Time-Out, Circus-Circus Casino, Magic Landing, Magic Land, Namco, Resort Parks International, 1984 Seville Word’s Fair, Billy Bob’s Texas, Forge in the Forest, & General Store, Belle Island Village, Whimsy Entertainment, and Zygofolis International, among others.


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