Creating the magic

Minick Associates has an exciting new job in and we are happy to announce Hardy Haberman is joining us on this project.  Rich and Hardy have 30 years of amusement project collaborations.  Bob and I have known and loved Hardy 44 years, so I have a long list of great Hardy Haberman stories.  Rich is happy Hardy has known our clients as long as we have so any inappropriate comments from me will be OK (Rich hopes).

Mum’s the word, but this is an exciting project and our conference calls sparkle with energy and ideas flying.  Our client/friend is a true showman who lives and breathes amusement facilities.  Fun and magic daily.  It really doesn’t get any better than this one.  Bob’s upstairs orchestrating.

Pictures are of two very talented men.  Rich hard at work at his drawing table, Hardy bribing me with a coke so he can get back to work.

me and hardy.jpgrich3.jpg

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