Clients make the IAAPA Trade Show

Favorite amusement park clients Arthur Richardson and Henry Porche were the first in our booth at the IAAPA Convention and Trade Show November 13 through 17.  Arthur and Henry discussed the Master Plan for their park Rich is preparing and preliminary talks about a Feasibility Study with Bill Haralson.  South Africa is the new frontier.  Art and Henry will lead the way.  Rich, Bill and I are ready for our new adventure.   Bob loved these two guys as he loved Rich and Bill.  Bob’s name was on all our tongues during the meetings.  Bittersweet perhaps, but I could feel Bob looking down and smiling at all of us.  Minick Associates continues in the Bob Minick tradition.


IAAPA Opening Day

IAAPA – International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions convention and trade show opened today in Orlando, Florida.  Stopped by the Amusement Today booth and Gary Slade gave me an this cartoon drawing of Amusement Today’s 20th anniversary.  As luck would have it, Bubba Hunt, renowned cartoonist was there and autographed it.  Seems like yesterday we were reading the first issue.  Congratulations Gary Slade.  Great Publisher, Great Friend.  Minick Associates has always been your number one fan.