Big Tex and America

Took this photo one evening during the State Fair of Texas while running our Big Tex photo booth during the State Fair of Texas.  Can’t think of two better icons to remind us how fortunate we are to live in the USA.

A young man, a veteran, wrote the following on facebook today.  I’ll ask him later if it was OK to put his post in this blog.  I can see him smiling as he says yes.   For a year I “worked” (I use that term loosely) with him and several wonderful young people in the service industry.  The respect they showed all their customers, their diligence to “make it right” and most important their kindness to all gave me faith in humankind.  They were and are a big part in saving my life.  They will always be in my heart.

I found throughout my career in the amusement park industry it’s our wonderful young people who believe and will carry us through.  God Bless Them.  God Bless America.

Werner, thank you for the following:

Happy birthday to the prettiest, rowdiest, albeit sometimes confused girl at the ball, America! Left wing, right wing, democrat, conservative or wherever you fall, put that shit aside for today because we all love this country, in our own way. I love this country because it welcomed my family and that’s why I chose to defend it. I love what America represents and what it can be. Enjoy the day my fellow Americans because it’s our time to get schwifty!





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