Ode to Bob Minick

Many years ago, Bob and I went to a Christmas party, thank you Steven and Clarice.  Another couple said, “Great house we’d love a tour”.  I said,  “It’s not Bob’s and my house but we will take you on a tour.”  One of the bathrooms had a giant candelabra with very tall candles in the bathtubs.  Coooool!  Of course I took a picture.  The party continued and I forgot about the candelabra.

On the way home we were sitting at a red light.  Bob turned to me and said, “You did put the candelabra back on the dining room table didn’t you?”  Always believing Bob, I gasped horrified.  Then I looked at Bob who couldn’t keep a straight face.  I don’t know how he got us home with the tears of laughter streaming down his face and me yelling at him.

Next book club meeting as I was leaving, Bob said, “Be sure and get a picture of their bathtub.”  I did with every book club member inside.  The Bathtub Follies wer born.

And tonight, my last meeting of the Forest Hills Book Club was perhaps one of the best pictures.  Thank you Bob Minick and may I continue your great sense of humor until I see you again.

And thank you Forest Hills friends and neighbors for the very best of times.




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