Goodbye at The Palm

Michelle Osborne and Hardy Haberman took me to The Palm for a goodbye dinner tonight.  Let’s talk “old” friends.  Along with Paul Osborne and Doug Litton they were Paul Osborne & Associates makers of magic.  I had to retell Bob’s favorite Hardy Haberman story.  Bob discovered and recommended them for Six Flags Over Texas.  Doug, a tall guy with a terrible red toupee walked in wearing a suit and tie.  Not a comfortable outfit for a former Ronald McDonald clown.  Hardy with long hair in some kind of weird army green pants and coat with a gimmie cap on top of his long hair accenting a lovely uneven beard and mustache added the flash.  Paul was kinda lost between them.

Bob introduce them to the suits sitting at the table.  A few like Jim Ashworth had a great sense of humor.  The others, not so much.

Paul and Hardy start their spiel.  Toward the end Hardy leans back and crosses one foot over his knee.  Slowly begins to untie his shoe.  Takes off his, yes green, sock.   Sock has a hole in it.  Puts the sock on his right hand.  A puppet is born.  The puppet finishes the spiel.  The suits look at each other, the table, the walls, out the window.  Bob and Jim just hang in there trying so hard not to do a spittake with their coffee.

Paul Osborne & Associates got the job.  Chris Lyons who now lives across railroad tracks from me carved a beautiful life size Cyrus Cosmos who welcomed people to the dark ride rotor..  A terrific ride by Bob’s Doc Snooker’s Magnificent Exposition games area.  And the family of Osborne Shows and Minick Associates was born and will be family forever.  Always in each other’s hearts.

The good ole’ days – Sweet Times

If anyone has a picture of Cyrus Cosmos, please send.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye at The Palm

  1. Only the Osborne guys could do an underwater puppet show. Still hum the music sometime. 👍😎🐙🦀🦈🐠🐳🦑🦐


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