Happy Birthday, Randall Minick

Today is Randall’s 29th birthday and he rode the train in from Denton to spend the day with me.  He use to train in a lot but hasn’t as much the last year or so.  As I drove down to the station on Swiss Avenue I noticed a man in front of 3120 and quickly pulled over.  Asked if I could stop in because this was the first office space of J.R. Minick Associates beginning Jan 3, 1983.  The man graciously invited me in.

Surprise! Now a tattoo parlor.  Said hello to a man lying on his back exactly where my desk sat for many years with another man inking him.  I explained and was welcomed by all.  Of course, after picking up Randall, had to go back.  Again they graciously let us in stopping the tattooing to take a picture of us.

William L. Cobb, wooden roller coaster designer extraordinaire, was our landlord along with his wonderful secretary, Margaret Rowe and Number One Engineer John Pierce.  Five years after they welcomed us to their offices Randall was born across the street at “Big Baylor”.   The week after Randall’s birth Rich Poling join us and the week after that Randall’s crib, playpen, and rocking chair were installed courtesy of Mr. Cobb and Margaret.  Along with the rest of our crew and Mr. Cobb’s crew, we became chosen family.  And now Rich mentors Randall in the business of amusement park design.

3120 Swiss Avenue created magic memories for millions of people who will never know who they are along with true Showmen of the Amusement Park Industry (dear friends and clients); Ira West, Bill Crandall, Bill Dawson, Dean Bradley, Harold Glantz, Victor Donovan, John Dibs, Errol McKoy, Ron Risch and so many more.  Dear Ones.  Minick Associates continues the tradition today.

I’m sure Bob arranged this for us today.  Bob and A God Wink.  I love both my guys and all who surrounded us, then and now, forever and always.

Happy Birthday, James Randall Minick



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