Stagecoach ride with Walt Disney

The man in white driving the stagecoach is Bob’s Uncle, Owen Pope.  The man to his left is Walt Disney.  You can be sure Bob’s Aunt Dollie, Uncle Owen’s wife, is in the stagecoach.

Unfortunately there’s no date or explanation on the back of the photo.  This is probably before Disneyland and they seem to be on a city street.

What an adventure they were all about to embark on.  They enticed my wonderful Bob to find his adventure in the magical world of amusement parks.  A great gift they gave him and he took it and ran with it.

Uncle O and Walt Disney.jpeg

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  1. I visited with Uncle Owen’s sister this weekend. She’s 96, healthy and sharp as a tack. A lovely person and extra special since she’s known Bob since before he was born.


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