Worlds Fair 1992

Jumping around a bit here.  Just came on the Expo ’92 drawings.  Bob and Rich did a great job on this one beginning the project in 1987.

I loved the trip to Seville, 1988, even though I had to sit on stones in an outdoor theater that dated back to the 1600’s and watch a bullfight on a terribly hot day.  I was 6 months pregnant with James Randall.  The matador’s assistants (?) stabbed that poor bull so many times before the fearless matador stepped and delivered the final blow.  I’ll always be sorry I didn’t climb down the stone steps and stand between him and the poor bull making Mr. Fancy Pants choose.

One of our clients spoke like Silvestor the cartoon cat.  Bob was a fabulous mimic and after a few drinks at dinner Bob was Silvestor.  Bill Dawson was with us playing Bob’s straight man.  We all laughed so hard no one thought to make Bob stop in case he got caught.  Like most of our clients, these guys loved humor and would have retaliated mimicking Bob talking Texan.

After yet another night of dinner and us in front row seats watching flamingo dancers for hours Ira West decided we needed a walk.  Took us 2 hours to go about 6 blocks with Ira choosing every wrong turn.  I complained the whole time with Ira repeating, “We’re just around the corner.”  Yes, Dear Ira, we always are.


expo #1.jpeg


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