Zig Zag Mini Golf

I asked Rich to describe the concept for Zig Zag Mini Golf, a project for Dean and JD Bradley, first dearest friends and then favorite clients.  Before Zig Zag Mini Golf came Wild Zone Adventures for the Bradleys, more on that wonderful project later.  Dean came to the amusement park world a little late, but he made up for lost time.  Showmanship is in his blood.  He knows how to entertain his guests and make forever memories for them.

This is Rich’s description of Zig Zag.  Then check out the color concept from Rich and hand and drawing, Bob.  Don’t Rich and Bob make the best collaborative team ever?

From Rich:   The Zig Zag Mini Golf concept is a mobile amusement area designed for hospitality venues. The original idea is to install the movable mini golf props into an existing racket-ball court or work out facility space that is underused by the hotel property and make that space a revenue center for the property.




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