Museum Fountain at the State Fair of Texas

My sentimental favorite of Bob’s designs at the State Fair of Texas for many reasons.  Of all the designs Bob, Rich and Minick Associates produced for the Fair, this one remains year round.  Most are taken down and stored.  Enter the Fair from Grand Avenue, Gate 5 and keep walking until you stop in the middle of the fountain.  You’re now in the intersection of Grand and 1st Avenue where Big Tex’s left hand points during the Fair.

I asked Ned Durbin and Errol McKoy when the fountain was installed, since my memory couldn’t recall.  Errol thought from memory 2002.  Ned looked in his files and found it was installed August and September 2001.  Thank you both.  I’ll be relying on these two wonderful friends for more about the State Fair designs and of course great stories.

Most of the museums left Fair park a while back so the museum banners that use to fly are gone.  Unofficially, it’s now the Minick Fountain.  Officially for me.

Minick Fountain.jpeg



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