The greatest day of your life

The opening words to the best commercial ever made for an amusement park, Great Adventure.  Maybe the best commercial ever.  Heading up the process, Bill Dawson, possibly the best marking genius ever.  And a very dear friend.

I have the commercial.  It’s on actual film.  Must find someone who can make it into a dvd or something that works.  I just hope the film isn’t too fragile and brittle – 42 years old.  Beautiful shots of the park, guests enjoying the park and the song lifts you out of your seat.

After many years of marriage to Miss Vicki, she and Bill had two daughters.  Around the same Victor Donavon, another marketing genius at Great Adventure and many more parks  had two children.  Victor and Susan had been married forever like the Dawsons and Minicks.  Of course not to be out done, Bob and I had Randall, forever James Randall to me, I am southern you know.  We named him Randall after Randall Duell Art Director extraordinaire (Singing In The Rain), designer of some of the world’s best amusement parks and Bob’s mentor.  More on Mr. and Mrs. Duell soon.

Must have been something in the water at Great Adventure even though the baby thing didn’t show up around 15 years later.   Hmmmmmmm


GA souvenir book.jpeg

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