The Organic Orange Wheel

Clients/friends, because all clients became friends, send me stories, drawings, pictures, etc. almost daily.  Some I don’t remember like The Organic Orange Wheel.  Rich will have details.

Minick Associates themed a lot of rides during the years turning them into dragons, snakes and all sorts of magical creatures.  Better to ride the finished creature or watch children as they came upon them.  A fairy tale come to life.

Thank you, Dan Glosser for this great drawing.  Look forward to more Bob and Dan collaborations.  Here’s what Dan sent along with the drawing:

The idea of the orange themed gondola was mine because “Great Park” is in Orange County, California. They wanted the Irvine Company to sell them their Giant Wheel I sold that famous company for their Irvine Spectrum close by. I presented the beautiful art concept JRM did but they missed the opportunity. The City of __________ purchased the old military base with tax payers money and hired a NYC architect to design the park, how nuts is that? I sold them a used Carousel which they let people ride for free that’s how absurd these people are. Check out the “Great Park” on your computer. The Giant Wheel at the Irvine Spectrum near the “Great Park” (furthest thing from a great park) is successful financially plus for the “Life Style Center” (previously called a strip mall).


We welcome and ask for stories from friends and all in the amusement park world.

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