Statue of Liberty and tears

Jim Ashworth posted this reply to the previous blog post on Facebook.  His wonderful story needs repeating on this website:

Jim Ashworth Right after we got to NJ, Freeman told he wanted me to call Bob because he wanted us to go with him to NYC to meet with Warner Leroy (that’s a movie all unto itself for another time) I assumed we were driving but turns out the previous managers had entered a $80,000/yr. contract for the use of a Bell Ranger copter and we couldn’t get out of it so what the hell, we used it. We left about 6:00 PM and it was Feb. and dark as a black hole. Freeman had taken the ride in the copter to the city and unknown to us, he told the pilot to give us a little added tour. As Bob and I sat in the back of the copter, all we could see was a light now and then and just black. You remember Lottie that we in berry rural NJ with woods as far as you could throw a rock. As we got closer to the city, we suddenly saw this huge glow in the distance and as we broke out of the darkness we were headed straight for the Statue of Liberty– the pilot laid the copter on a slight tilt and circled slowly around Lady Liberty and then stopped and hovered right in front of her face no more than a hundred feet away (this was 1975 – you’d get blown of the sky if you attempted that today) No one said a word for what seemed like a very long time. Now I was always in awe of Bob’s cool and suave demeanor and his worldliness. He had been everywhere and done everything and would always regale us with stories of his travels and adventures. I had been out of Texas once or twice and never been to NYC so seeing it the first time this way just left me without any words. I expected Bob to be as cool and unaffected as always but when I looked over at him he has a tea running down his cheek. I said “Well you old softie” He just looked at me said “Not apologizing”, that was just to much. No way, I can describe this to Lottie. I will go to my grave remembering that trip. Later that night we hit the Blind Lemon and Maxwell’s Plum and Bob was responsible for yet another drunken evening. Lottie I love you and I love Bob.

And Bob and I love you, Jim.  Let’s remind each other of more stories.  Thank you, thank you, Jim Ashworth for this most wonderful story about two of my favorite guys.




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