The Real Great Adventure

So in 1975 (I think) the original Texas Turn Around Guys picked up their families and moved to Jackson, New Jersey.  The Pritzkers bought Great Adventure Amusement Park and lured the Texans up north to another world.

Several wives flew to New Jersey together.   Remember when you could meet someone at the gate as they debarked?  Our husbands were not there.  I asked some random stranger where baggage claim might be.  He yelled at me in a strong Jersey accent, “WTF!  Do I look like an information booth?”  One of the wives said, “Welcome to New Jersey, Girls”.

We only thought we knew characters and situations.  Everything was leased, even holes in the ground.  The ferris wheel was so large when you rode to the top you could see where the Hinderberg blew up.  The ferris wheel had been re-bulbed three times to create a golden “glow” with money running out.  More on Warner LeRoy soon.

Somewhere in all of Bob’s stuff I’ll find one of his memos to Frank which always began:   FAT – FYI  (Frank A. Thompson – For Your Information.)  I must also mention Bob never ever tired of waiting till Frank was in one of the park’s bathrooms (settled in) to call him on the park radio,  “Unit four, 10-20”.   (Frank what’s your location.)    Boys will be boys.

So many great stories.  Got to remember and write them down for posterity.  Jim, Victor and all – send stories to share.

Here’s two of my favorite guys forever.  Yes, Bob’s in some kind of New Jersey haircut and Frank is is wearing a powder blue leisure suit.  The good ‘ole days.

Frank and Bob.jpeg


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