Debbie Reynold’s almost museum

In 2005 Bob and Rich worked on amusement designs for a project in Pigeon Forge,  TN Belle Island.  A project, unfortunately with some unsavory people in positions they should never have been allowed in.  Not the first time that’s happened.

One part of the amusement facility was a proposed museum for Debbie Reynold’s Hollywood memorabilia collection.  Her son, Todd Fisher, handled the business negotiations.  Bob and Rich enjoyed working with Todd, a true professional.  Debbie Reynolds flew in for the press announcement of her portion of the project, the museum.  Bob was enchanted with her.  I couldn’t attend for some reason, but Bob came back with a signed picture of her to “Louisiana Lottie”.  I treasure it.

This amusement venue in a wonderful location came very close to completion with Great Designs by Minick Associates.  But all was lost because of greed and incompetence by a few people who had the keys to the funding.   In life this happens, but what a shame.  If nothing else Debbie Reynolds would have preserved her dream for Hollywood history and made memories for millions.

Making memories for millions – the specialty of Minick Associates.



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