Coney Island raconteurs

Found this great picture of circa 1904.   Beautiful picture but does not remind me of the days Bob and Rich worked on new designs for the park.  Back then it was run by raconteurs Harold Glantz, John Dibs and other great showmen.  They would have us on the floor laughing at stories of the park.  One I remember vividly was when they would loose power at night the game operators were instructed to get their hammers and start hammering the game counters to keep gang members from jumping inside the games and stealing everything.  That was one of the milder stories.  1904.pdf.gif

Amusement parks are very corporate now and the people working there would be shocked and couldn’t begin to understand.  But these wonderful “Showman” and their compatriots knew how to entertain their “guests” like no one else.  Hats off to them and let’s hope to breed more like them.


  1. Thank-you, Bob Minick for remembering my wonderful visionary father, Harold Glantz, I miss him every day. His unique way of seeing possibilities all around keeps me going.


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