Operator games at Six Flags Over Texas

Did you know Bob designed and operated the first games at Six Flags Over Texas for the 1973 season?  When he was asked to put them in, he went to Garnet Walker who had the games concession at the State Fair of Texas.  Mr. Walker’s advice,  “Hell no, I’m the only person who could do that, who do you think you are?”  Bob immediately accepted the Six Flags offer and his games were a huge success.

Through the years of Minick Associates, Bob and Rich designed many operator games, operator sections of parks, arcades, arcade sections and my personal favorite – Skeeball Palaces.

My first year working in an amusement park was 1973 for Bob as a game operator in his first games operations.  I started in The Cannery.  You received two bean bags for 50 cents and if you could knock all the empty cans off the table you won a “plush”.  A simple game who’s secret was simply playing it enough to get the hang of it. Bob designed the games to give out 30% in merchandise.   Nearly everyone was a winner.  Bob insisted all the operators make a big deal when a “guest” won.  As Bob told everyone, “this person may never win another thing in his life.  Make it special.”  And we did.

Bob named the area Doc Snooker’s Magnificent Game Emporium.  It was magic.

Here’s a picture of Bob’s Cannery and his drawing.  Pretty special, especially to me.




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