A Walt Disney find


So I’m going through Bob’s office.  Inside a very brittle envelope was several letters from Koneta Roxby, Librarian, Walt Disney Productions, 2400 West Alameda Avenue, Burbank, California, dated 1952.  The letters are referring to Aunt Dollie and Uncle Owen’s miniature horse show.  Also inside the envelope was this big square of canvas with Walt Disney’s signature.  I’d asked Bob years ago why the signature was on canvas and he said we needed to ask, Aunt Dollie, but of course, we never did.  We thought they would both always be around.  Uncle Owen’s sister, Helen lives here in Dallas.  I think a visit is in order.  And a trip to the framer’s for a frame for this canvas.  We museum framed so much memorabilia, can’t imagine how this one slipped by.



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