My birthday at the State Fair of Texas

img_1748Rich Poling, VP – Director of Design & Operations, Minick Associates, and his wife,  Rebecca took me to the State Fair of Texas Tuesday.  Walking around with Rich is like being with Bob when he points out so many State Fair features he and Bob designed during the last 25 years.  Rich remembers details I’d forgotten or was too busy eating corny dogs.  Most of their structures are up; the archways, the entrances, the booths, stands and so much more.

But you know Texas, October 18 and it was very hot, so we decided to eat at our favorite burger joint not far from the Fair with the added bonus of air conditioning.  While eating we started to reminiscence.  Rich join Minick Associates 28 years ago, 5 years after Bob opened his design firm.  Rich’s first client was Bob’s dear friend, Bill Crandall.  Bob and Bill were involved in the early days at Six Flags Over Texas and had wild stories with witnesses to prove it.  Rich jumped into their world  and took to design and constructing amusement parks like a kid finally old enough to ride the extreme coaster.  Bob and Rich traveled the world bringing their gift of “serious fun” to parks, family entertainment centers and other venues.

Now Rich continues the legacy while mentoring Bob’s and my son, Randall Minick in the business.  A wonderful healing process for Rich, Randall and all of us in loving tribute to J.R. “Bob” Minick. — Lottie


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