Minick Associates


J.R. “Bob” Minick

Founder of Minick Associates, Bob has been involved in the amusement industry since a high school student working as a ride operator at Disneyland.  Spent over 20 years working in operational park management at such facilities as Six Flags, Legend City, Pirates World, Magic Mountain, & Great Adventure as well as several other amusement venues, rising to the positions VP of Operations and General Manager. Minick also spent several years with Randall Duell & Associates, Leisure Systems, and Leisure Concepts before establishing Minick Associates to provide planning and design services to the entertainment industry. Minick Associates has enjoyed a history of more than thirty-five years providing planning design and management services for all type and scales of amusement operations including Disney Development, Universal Studios, Six Flags, The State Fair of Texas, Sea World, Sega’s Time-Out, Circus-Circus Casino, Magic Landing, Magic Land, Namco, Resort Parks International, 1984 Seville Word’s Fair, Billy Bob’s Texas, Forge in the Forest, & General Store, Belle Island Village, Whimsy Entertainment, and Zygofolis International – just to name a few.

Minick Associates is a unique design services firm providing planning, design and operations largely to the amusement and entertainment industries. The company also furnishes its services to the lodging, gaming, restaurant and night club industries, although its primary business remains directed toward amusement park projects. The company was founded over thirty years ago by J.R. Minick.

Minick Associates has also worked with many single facility owners, both large and small, as well as owners and operators of small chains of facilities little known outside their general location. Often, the planning and design services undertaken by Minick Associates is for the expansion and remodeling of existing facilities – since few new parks are currently being developed in the US. Most new facilities today built from the ground up are being constructed in China and India.

However, for the past twenty-five years Minick Associates has undertaken ongoing design services for the State Fair of Texas, the largest State Fair in the United States. Minick Associates also has provided design services for several other State and County Fairs, as well as for the planned amusement zone for the World’s Fair in Seville, Spain.

Minick Associates became one of the first companies to design what became known as Family Entertainment Centers (FECs) having designed well over one hundred various size facilities including Whimsy in Hong Kong, Frankie’s Fun Park in South Carolina, Play Centers in South America, Nickel Mania, in DFW, The Boardwalk in California and Larz Land in Florida and Texas.

While most of the work undertaken by Minick Associates is planned for the United States, the company has undertaken many projects overseas, which include the design of some 28 Whimsy Entertainment Indoor Amusement Centers ranging in size from 40,000 sf to 4,000 sf, built in Hong Kong and elsewhere throughout the Pacific Rim; six indoor FECs for the Lido Entertainment Company in Singapore; six indoor FECs for Magic Place in Mexico; three indoor FECs for Magic Place in Indonesia; three Ice Cool amusement parks in Nigeria and Ghana; a combination amusement park & water park in River State, Nigeria; a 400 ft giant wheel in the UK; and several ride concepts for Zierer Manufacturing in Germany.

During the past several years, Minick Associates has enjoyed an ongoing relationship with several different park operators including Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, and Observation Wheels for LGI.

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